What Language to Learn?

Which language is the most useful to know, globally? That’s the question on the Economist’s Intelligent Life article, “Which is the Best Language to Learn?” by Robert Lane Green (h/t: Rod Dreher). A fascinating question, especially since, living in Mexico, we’re partial to Spanish. And since there are about 450 million Spanish speakers world-wide, it […]


Ok, I just tweeted this (see in the sidebar to the left?), but English is really weird (or is it “wierd”? I always get it wrong the first time). I was reading Fellowship of the Ring to Drew last night and came across this sentence: “Their cold eyes glittered, and they called to him with […]


Well, we finally broke down and got on Twitter…in the last few weeks I noticed that several of our activities would be perfect to mention in 140 characters or less and decided that I should sign up…actually, I thought that it would be nice to mention what we were doing (with Caleb and Ethan, or […]

End of the day

Well, you know you’re a little past the honeymoon stage when part of your Valentine’s Day outing is spent looking at stoves at Sears (and they were priced much more competitively than we would have expected)! It was a good time and a good day though; some of the highlights: – A breakfast discipleship with […]


One of the realities of disaster relief that I’ve noticed after living long enough to see some major disasters (from a distance always so far) is that people (Americans from our personal experience, not to exclude others) can respond with phenomenal generosity to the initial need (9-11, the Tsunami, Katrina, now Hati). It’s funny how […]

Photo test-Pueblo Nuevo

We’re playing around with different photo services for the best, freest, most unlimited, most viewable photo storage and sharing service: Flickr, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and now Google’s Picasa… So here’s a link to a few photos from Pueblo Nuevo, just to see how this looks. If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them. Ideally […]

From Connell

We had a great trip over the mountains to Connell. I think it was actually quite a bit faster (excluding snow and KFC stops) than Google Maps allows, and, yes, that’s mostly a speed=limit-following Tim. There was snow falling over the pass so we broke two rules: 1. We stopped against all instinct and played […]


Just a word that we’re working on updating this page to make it a bit more attractive, interesting and useful. We’ve been adding old prayer letters to the new format and also using Flickr to improve our photo capabilities. Go to the Mailbox link at the top of the page, and to the Photos link […]

Random thoughts

Some random musings and family news: We’re going to our last church of the year, Connell, on Saturday. We’re driving over Snoqualmie Pass, probably through snow. It’s about a 4 hour trip, if all goes well. Then…we’re off until next…? We’ve had a brutal time trying to schedule churches for next year. There’s just not […]

Update musing

Well, we’re in the middle of life…not too busy, but just enough activity that we have to prioritize. It’s been good to be in churches and to renew old acquaintances (“Should ald acquaintance…”). I’d like to start updating this on a regular basis with a weekly Sunday night “how’d it go” report, and also updates […]