From Connell

We had a great trip over the mountains to Connell. I think it was actually quite a bit faster (excluding snow and KFC stops) than Google Maps allows, and, yes, that’s mostly a speed=limit-following Tim. There was snow falling over the pass so we broke two rules: 1. We stopped against all instinct and played in the snow for 1/2 hour. 2. We allowed Christmas music ahead of Thanksgiving. Well, we only get to be around snow once every blue moon, maybe even less, so why not?

And once in Connell Drew and I accompanied our host, Pat Nunan, to Kennewick where we watched the Connell Eagles, a 1A school, dismantle the River View, uh, Cougars, I think, 47-7, with a dominating running game and stifling defense (hint, don’t try to block four defenders with only three down linemen). That was a lot of fun. It’s the first football victory we’ve seen in four tries this season. Hopefully we’ll catch up to this team in the Tacoma Dome (site of the state championship).

And of course tomorrow is the reason we’re here: to present at the church. But we’ll close things out with some snow pictures and a video of the band (sax and trombone played by Joel and Kyle Nunan): of the kids playing in the snow (to keep all the snow stuff in one post):

And here’s the video:

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