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About: Tim and Barbara-Lee Glessner.
We are missionaries in Puebla, Mexico with Fellowship International Mission.

After a year in the U.S. we’re back home in Puebla. We’re hoping and praying to be able to serve in a needy neighborhood on the northwest edge of Puebla. There are many needs in the area, which we know well from living there for five years previously. Now we’re looking for housing and starting to make contacts and renew friendships there. We appreciate your prayers at this new beginning!

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Prayer Card 2010

Prayer Card 2010

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    Taylor Peterson

    Hi! I’m Taylor Peterson from Connell First Baptist Church. For an AWANA challenge I’m suppose to encourage Missinaries and their childern.I just wanted you to know I will be praying for your family throughout the week. I hope your time on furlough is wonderful. I enjoyed having your family at our church this fall. Have a great year!!!
    Taylor Peterson

  2. 2

    Hi, Taylor, I think I talked to you Sunday night while we were eating pizza, right? Or was it a brother? Thanks for your note. We went to Mt. Rainier this week for a couple of days for Barbara-Lee’s birthday and our kids got to stay at Grandma’s house. Thanks for praying for us. We’re going to be traveling a lot in the next five months, so please keep praying!


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    Gary Goodge

    Hey Tim and Barbara,
    Saw something posted on facebook by Rick Hudson with you guys mentioned and thought, “hey, wonder what the Glessners are doing?”. So, looked you up on line and am really encouraged by what I read.

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