What Language to Learn?

Which language is the most useful to know, globally? That’s the question on the Economist’s Intelligent Life article, “Which is the Best Language to Learn?” by Robert Lane Green (h/t: Rod Dreher). A fascinating question, especially since, living in Mexico, we’re partial to Spanish. And since there are about 450 million Spanish speakers world-wide, it […]

Some thoughts on heaven

An interesting, and true, comment from Russell Moore on Christianity Today (A Purpose-Driven Cosmos: Why Jesus Doesn’t Promise Us an ‘Afterlife’): Your eternity is no more about looking back to this span of time than your life now is about reflecting on kindergarten. The moment you burst through the mud above your grave, you will […]

A model to emulate

This reflects the kind of work we think is the right way to do ministry, here in Pueblo Nuevo and in a lot (most?) of places: ÔÇťAtheism (Christianity) has been specially advanced through the loving service rendered to strangers, and through their care for the burial of the dead. It is a scandal that there […]


Ok, I just tweeted this (see in the sidebar to the left?), but English is really weird (or is it “wierd”? I always get it wrong the first time). I was reading Fellowship of the Ring to Drew last night and came across this sentence: “Their cold eyes glittered, and they called to him with […]

Driving in Mexico

Here’s an article by the Economist magazine on drivers’ licenses in Mexico. It’s so true. I just got a license here, because I couldn’t renew online in Washington. It cost me $600 for three years (quite a bit more expensive than in WA), and took about an hour to go with my documents, take an […]

A book on Jesus

Well, it only took two+ years, but I finally finished NT Wright’s book, Jesus and the Victory of God. It’s really quite good, for what it is, an historian’s approach to Jesus in the tradition of the Quest for the Historical Jesus (or as Wright places himself, in the Third Quest). I’m not going to […]

More Orthodoxy

Here’s another Chesterton quote (I really think C.S. Lewis quotes this or says something similar, somewhere, in Mere Christianity, maybe, or Surprise By Joy. But I’m not hunting it down.): it might be true that the sun rises regularly because he never gets tired of rising. His routine might be due, not to a lifelessness, […]


One of the great features of an iPod is the Kindle app. I’ve been pulling old classics off the Internet and actually reading them, instead of just saying I should (ok, I’m still stuck at about 20% of Moby Dick; it’s hard). So lately I’ve been reading Orthodoxy, by GK Chesterton, and it is indeed […]

An interesting debate on Egypt

After a day with kids and without wife I’m uploading a video to YouTube and answering emails, and I stumbled on an interesting take on the pro-democracy uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East. Here’s what John MacArthur says. Here’s the interview, again, and a response. Here’s an open letter to MacArthur from an Egyptian-American. […]

Reading smorgasboard

I am a helpless addict to reading. Just ask Barbara-Lee. And I’m even more addicted to reading on the Internet. Not real good at writing, but that’s another story… sooooo, here are some things that caught my eye the other day (pulled and edited from an email to my little list of co-readers who put […]