Driving in Mexico

Here’s an article by the Economist magazine on drivers’ licenses in Mexico. It’s so true. I just got a license here, because I couldn’t renew online in Washington. It cost me $600 for three years (quite a bit more expensive than in WA), and took about an hour to go with my documents, take an eye exam, take a written exam (a lot of civics questions), get my fingerprints and photo taken, and that was it. No complaints personally; who wants to take a driving test? But for the good of society, there really should be a bribe-free way of taking driver’s tests. And I’ll have to take the test in Washington again someday, I suppose. Sigghhhh.

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    Ed McEnaney

    WOW…$600 for a driver’s license and no driving test. We have driven on Long Island and New York City roadways, thinking that the drivers never took a driver’s test; It’s pretty dangerous when everyone thinks that they are the best driver on the road; especially if they never had to pass a driving test.
    When we pray for your safety from the Enemy, we will pray for your safety from the drivers on the roads as well.
    Tim, Barbara-Lee, family and friends, may our God fill you your hearts with His eternal peace and joy. H+E

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    Actually, that’s in pesos, which I didn’t make clear! That’s about $50 in US$, which is still expensive compared to Washington.

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    In the state of Mexico, we are only allowed to get a 1 year license because they will only allow it to last until our FM-3 expires. They also had a test that I had to take, but I paid $100 so that I didn’t have to take it. 🙂

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    Yeah, same deal here, but they let me get the three year one for some reason. I didn’t ask questions!

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    Wow! That is a lot more expensive, but I’m thinking my youngest daughter, Moriah may like the not taking the test part! 🙂 She just got her permit and is in drivers ed.

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