One who offers life abundantly

There’s an article in the New Yorker (via Tim Challies) about euthanasia in Belgium. The main story of the article is a man looking for answers to what happened to his mother, who suffered from depression all her life and in the end committed doctor-assisted suicide. The story is both heartbreaking and troubling. Troubling, for all […]

Ideas about the Universe not welcome

I’m on another GK Chesterson fling, this time Heretics. The quote of the day: But there is one thing that is infinitely more absurd and unpractical than burning a man for his philosophy. This is the habit of saying that his philosophy does not matter, and this is done universally in the twentieth century, …. […]

A Virgin and a Rock

Today is December 12th. In Mexico that means it’s the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 480 years ago today, so the story goes, an indigenous peasant named, Juan Diego, was on a hill outside (today’s) Mexico City when a Virgin appeared to him and told him to build a church there. His skeptical bishop […]

A model to emulate

This reflects the kind of work we think is the right way to do ministry, here in Pueblo Nuevo and in a lot (most?) of places: “Atheism (Christianity) has been specially advanced through the loving service rendered to strangers, and through their care for the burial of the dead. It is a scandal that there […]


One of the great features of an iPod is the Kindle app. I’ve been pulling old classics off the Internet and actually reading them, instead of just saying I should (ok, I’m still stuck at about 20% of Moby Dick; it’s hard). So lately I’ve been reading Orthodoxy, by GK Chesterton, and it is indeed […]

An interesting debate on Egypt

After a day with kids and without wife I’m uploading a video to YouTube and answering emails, and I stumbled on an interesting take on the pro-democracy uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East. Here’s what John MacArthur says. Here’s the interview, again, and a response. Here’s an open letter to MacArthur from an Egyptian-American. […]

Some conquered…some got sawn in two

Maybe it’s the packing, maybe it’s the goodbyes, but I’ve been thinking a bit about what we’re undertaking lately, going back to Puebla. This article by Doug Wilson kind of expresses what we hope to do. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I just read Hebrews 11 and am always impressed that it’s balanced enough to point out […]

Hati update

We got an insider’s report of the Hati earthquake the other day when we met with Jason and Sharon Nighteingale. They arrived the morning of the earthquake and here is Jason’s report and Sharon’s.  And, we’re sure you could still give to EBM’s work in Hati. Just beating on a drum again…


One of the realities of disaster relief that I’ve noticed after living long enough to see some major disasters (from a distance always so far) is that people (Americans from our personal experience, not to exclude others) can respond with phenomenal generosity to the initial need (9-11, the Tsunami, Katrina, now Hati). It’s funny how […]