Some conquered…some got sawn in two

Maybe it’s the packing, maybe it’s the goodbyes, but I’ve been thinking a bit about what we’re undertaking lately, going back to Puebla. This article by Doug Wilson kind of expresses what we hope to do. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I just read Hebrews 11 and am always impressed that it’s balanced enough to point out that, yes, some won great, dramatic victories, but some of the faithful also got sawn in two (Isaiah?). But, by God’s grace, we can move forward, and risk. I’m not much of an entrepreneur, and running a business always frightens me, so Matthew 25:14-30 has always made me uncomfortable. What if I lose it all? But God’s economy isn’t like ours. The motive matters, not just the results.

Not that we’re really worried about getting sawn in two. But it helps to remember risks so that we remember that our lives are always in God’s hands.

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    Small world. I had a class taught by Doug Wilson when I was in high school.

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