Goodbye, Tacoma

Well, the Expedition is loaded, fueled, tuned, re-tired, and re-shocked (worthily of Mexican roads!). And the kids are in bed, and we’re winding things down. Tomorrow we head from Tacoma to Redding, bound for a weekend in the Bay Area, then eastward toward Texas. We’ll be posting our adventures, as wi-fi is available. We value your prayers, especially as we go to the border and across in approximately two weeks. We’ll be staying on top of the security situation at the border and there’s a chance we might go across with some other missionaries.

It’s been a great 16 months here, resting, playing, learning, preparing, and, of course connecting with supporters–churches and individuals. Thank you for your interest and prayers! We are excited to get going and looking forward to being back in Puebla. Stay tuned for more!

Wedding fam pic

Our family at Nate's & Jana's wedding

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