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I am a helpless addict to reading. Just ask Barbara-Lee. And I’m even more addicted to reading on the Internet. Not real good at writing, but that’s another story… sooooo, here are some things that caught my eye the other day (pulled and edited from an email to my little list of co-readers who put up with my suggestions once or twice a week):

Back from Idaho, doing a bunch of housekeeping before I really get back into the thesis, so naturally I’ve stumbled upon some interesting things (besides reading “The Meeting of the Waters”–which is very promising and merits a running commentary I think.)

Here are some links from the Economist. I’m an Economist junky. I’m lucky enough to be getting a subscription while we’re in the States (airline mileage!) so I get my fix offline, but most of their content is online, too.
Lexington is their US commentator. He (or she, I guess–they write pretty anonymously) has a blog and this entry is about “Faith, abortion and politics“.

The 2 Pew Religion survey results there are worth looking over–they’re kind of long, but the first part is interesting at least.

I’m looking at Al Mohler a bit these days and here are three posts with some worthwhile numbers and thoughts on “gendercide” and blacks, abortion and gender:
Gendercide“. It’s quite sobering, really, and worth following his links to the Economist. If you’re pro-abortion (and it’s 1 in a million anyone who reads this is) and this doesn’t make you think twice, I don’t know what would.

Abortion and blacks: Ditto. Feel free to call me “sexist”, but never racist.

Gender: Women and children off the boats first? That wouldn’t be very egalitarian, would it? Or maybe complimentarianism isn’t all that bad.

Finally, this is totally bizarre. I saw a letter about this in our current National Geographic (BL ordered it to make me waste more time reading) and it was hard to believe, but here it is: Praying mantises eating hummingbirds (monsters!) and here (warning: not for the soft of heart).

As Louis Armstrong sang, what a wonderful world…

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