Well, we finally broke down and got on Twitter…in the last few weeks I noticed that several of our activities would be perfect to mention in 140 characters or less and decided that I should sign up…actually, I thought that it would be nice to mention what we were doing (with Caleb and Ethan, or school activities) without, you know, sitting down and actually taking the time to write a WHOLE paragraph. In other words, we want the attention, but we’re too lazy to put the time into writing coherently about our work!

So you’ll notice on the left sidebar that there’s a Twitter feed. Eventually I’d like to incorporate it in a different spot (on a right sidebar, for example), but that’ll have to wait. For now, we’ll be putting up the briefest of comments on our activities, prayer requests and other minutiae from life here. We’d really like this blog to give a realistic portrayal of (one family’s) missionary life and work here in Mexico. And Twitter might just be one tool in our box.(50 characters)

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