End of the day

Well, you know you’re a little past the honeymoon stage when part of your Valentine’s Day outing is spent looking at stoves at Sears (and they were priced much more competitively than we would have expected)!

It was a good time and a good day though; some of the highlights:
– A breakfast discipleship with a friend who’s having some issues with a child. It was a good time of encouraging and challenging.

– The first day at the school giving computer classes. It was great to connect with more of the teachers and to start with about 12 fifth graders. I was able to take inventory and confirm the schedule for the future. If all goes as planned I’ll be there two mornings a week.

– Gavin had a fever today. It seems like since the end of November we’ve had at least one person sick continuously. Nothing serious, but it gets to where you wonder, what’s up?

So those are some of the day’s dealings. The next few days we’ll be getting ready for the EBM retreat this coming weekend: music & devotions to prep, food to buy, and other details.

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