Random thoughts

Some random musings and family news:

We’re going to our last church of the year, Connell, on Saturday. We’re driving over Snoqualmie Pass, probably through snow. It’s about a 4 hour trip, if all goes well. Then…we’re off until next…? We’ve had a brutal time trying to schedule churches for next year. There’s just not much interest. Strange, seeing as how churches have supported us for 5-8 years! Oh, well, pastors are busy too and we’ve just got to get them at the right time, I suppose. I thought this would be a bit easier, though.

Our car’s at the body shop getting fixed from 1. a falling branch and 2. a break-in. Someone punched out the lock from the driver’s side and stole a tool bag. So we’re getting these things fixed, hopefully a minor dent-repair job. Here’s the fallen branch next to its victim, our car:

Narrow escape from falling tree limb

Narrow escape from falling tree limb

Our friends, Miguel and Socorro (and kids, Roy and Jessi) are coming for Christmas! It’ll be a pretty special time with family and friends. I’m holding back on the Christmas music and lights, but Barbara-Lee is chomping at the bit! The day after Thanksgiving…

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    Hey, Hey, Hey! Glad to know you’re keeping up with all the bloggers out there…(as opposed to the Jones’s)…I just had to leave a comment to let you know that your little sister is tracking with you =) Love ya!

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