Update musing

Well, we’re in the middle of life…not too busy, but just enough activity that we have to prioritize. It’s been good to be in churches and to renew old acquaintances (“Should ald acquaintance…”). I’d like to start updating this on a regular basis with a weekly Sunday night “how’d it go” report, and also updates on books I’m reading as research for my ThM thesis, prayer requests, Drew-Gavin-Fiona updates (Drew soccer scores) and such. It would also be cool to add photo posting (a link to Flikr or some such service?) and videos (YouTube?). And we’re not too busy to do that stuff, but we’re still juggling things.
Today, for example, Gavin and Fiona spent the night with Grandma and Opa, so it was just Barbara-Lee, Drew and I for a late breakfast. Then we went to the “Y” to introduce Drew to the fun things he could do there (climbing wall, raquetball, the gym). Then over to Grandma’s and Opa’s house to pick up the twinners, and on to Sparks Stadium (in Puyallup) to watch the second half of the UPS vs PLU grudge match (UPS is the University of Puget Sound, my alma mater and PLU is Pacific Lutheran University, our “hated” cross town rival. They won 35-13, making it 21 of the last 22 meetings going to PLU. But UPS still holds the overall series lead. Incredible). It was a perfectly, incredibly gorgeous fall day–blue skies, green grass and yellow red leaves. It was actuallyl hot in the sun watching the game. Then on to Laura’s and Josh’s house for a pumpkin carving party. So a nice mix of leisure and family today.
Tomorrow we are presenting at Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church, a supporting church 10 minutes away from our house. We’ve gotten to connect well already with the church because our kids go to AWANA there on Wednesdays. So it’ll be fun tomorrow to be there.
Anyway, I’m rambling, but that’s partly what this space is for, right? I’ll try to post a report of the day tomorrow, thoughts from the road maybe. And we’ve got a mostly-done prayer letter that needs to be re-edited (since it was written 3 weeks ago!) to mail and post.
I’ll close linking to a video on our our new YouTube account: it sums up how we’re feeling.

Thanks for reading through all this!

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