Church visit: Mt. Tahoma

Well, just a brief note on our time today at Mt. Tahoma. Our first real presentation was at this church 8 years ago. For some reason they supported us, and we really haven’t been back to present since then. So it was really amazing that a lot of people (Cliff, Jonathan) remembered us. Obviously this is a church that prays for its missionaries. There was a bit of stress setting up our media, and we ended up putting their Power Point on our laptop, which was easier anyway. But we were well received and I think it was a good time of re-connecting with people there. The church is an older congregation and easily the most diverse we’ve been to–a good number of African-Americans, Africans, a Mexican couple and a Guatemalan family. That’s just off the top of our head. Way to un-segregate 11 o’ clock on a Sunday morning, Mt. T!

We went out to eat with Pastor and Mrs. Slavens at a restaurant in Lakewood called “Carr’s”, purported to be a better place than the old Sunriser on 6th Ave. in Tacoma. Alas, not true, and the wait was abominable. But the food was still good, the decor imaginative and the company (Larry and Charlene) great.

Thank you, Mt. Tahoma!

Maybe we’ll work these post-church-visit entries into something more meaningful, and then quantify each church with categories such as 1. reception, 2. enthusiasm 3. media setup…nahhh. We’ll just ramble.

Eating at Carrs

Eating at Carrs

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