An Unsafe Gospel, a Good God

This is a sermon I was privileged to share with Sunset Bible Church. I’m going to try to resurrect things here, and one thing will be to post sermons. This may (or may not) be more active down in Mexico where every sermon in our church is new :). I was privileged to finish the […]

Update video

We were recently asked by a supporting church to send them a video update on what’s happening here, so, naturally, we obliged. This is what came of it, a 4-minute video about us, the work here, a neat story, the new church plant and the property. We filmed it on the property to give people […]

From Idaho

I would like to start this out by saying that we have the best kids in the world. No bragging, no kidding. They went more than five hours in the car, from Tacoma to La Grande, Oregon without a stop. Ok, having a DVD player in the car helps, but they didn’t watch movies the […]

Goin’ to Idaho

Tomorrow we leave for Boise at 6 am. The kids are in bed, the car is prepped, the house is cleaned, arrangements are made for people to be here, and Barbara-Lee is packing. Yup, in our household I’m usually responsible for my clothes and she gets everyone else ready. And I’m barely able to get […]

Burien’s good news

We decided to bag church reports after each visit. 1.There’s not always a lot of interesting stuff to say and 2.”Thank you” is best said personally. But we’re making an exception for our church of yesterday, formerly Burien Bible Baptist and now Seattle Church of the Open DoorSeattle Open Door Church. And, boy, have they […]

Schedule info

Some of you have asked for our schedule from time to time. So for general perusal, here is the list of our churches that we’ll be visiting this year: 1/10/2010: Bible Baptist Church, Burien, WA 1/17/2010: Scholls Community Church, Hillsboro, OR 1/24/2010: Edgewood Bible Church, Edgewood, WA 1/31/2010: Skyview Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA 2/14/2010: Prarie […]

Some New Year thoughts

Well, we’re done with the festivities (but not the bowl games–how dumb is that?). It’s time to move forward with the year and start moving ahead. Some of our big steps in 2010: 1. Tim has a thesis to write (well, actually to propose, get accepted, then write). 2. We have 5 months of reporting […]

Traveling east

We’re traveling over the mountains today. In western Washington parlance that means we’re going over Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 to eastern Washington, to Connell, to be precise. The forecast is for rain and snow over the pass–the kids are greatly excited. We’ll leave early so that conditions aren’t too bad, hopefully, and the kids hope […]

Church visit: Skagit Valley

Yesterday we left the house at 7:45 am and drove 106 miles north to Burlington, WA in the beautiful Skagit Valley. Jim Shaw is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church. We were there to speak in the morning service and then after a potluck lunch. The church has been one of the most active over […]

Church visit: Bainbridge Island

One of the things that we always said on pre-field (aka deputation, support-raising) is that we’re looking for partners and that prayer-partners are equally as important as financial partners. Well, Sunday on Bainbridge Island was the reality of that. The church, led by Pastor Dan Wymer, wasn’t able to take us on financially, but over […]