Church visit: Bainbridge Island

One of the things that we always said on pre-field (aka deputation, support-raising) is that we’re looking for partners and that prayer-partners are equally as important as financial partners. Well, Sunday on Bainbridge Island was the reality of that. The church, led by Pastor Dan Wymer, wasn’t able to take us on financially, but over the years they’ve prayed for us-and let us know that. Even without monthly financial support, they’ve been very generous in gifts and in taking on Laura Reyes for a time. We’ve known they are with us in our work, and we’re thankful for that.

So it was a privilege to be with them Sunday night to report on the work in Puebla and to share our vision for the future. In fact, it was a great time, very humbling to be there and feel their love for us. They were very generous with their time, and food, and even gave the kids special birthday gifts. The kids were very friendly with ours, and Drew picked up a pen-pal in Max. We even came home with some fresh-squeezed apple cider. It was good to be out on the Penninsula again and see the mountains and water up close!

Thank you, Bainbridge Island!

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