Goin’ to Idaho

Tomorrow we leave for Boise at 6 am. The kids are in bed, the car is prepped, the house is cleaned, arrangements are made for people to be here, and Barbara-Lee is packing. Yup, in our household I’m usually responsible for my clothes and she gets everyone else ready. And I’m barely able to get my stuff in order.

So we’ll be there for two weeks at an eleven church missions conference. We’ll be in a couple different churches each Sunday and at a few events during the week. It’ll be a good chance to meet different people, lots of ’em, and to see a new area. We were there seven years ago and it was a great time.

At the same time, I really hate the getting ready process. I like being new places, I usually like even the travel, it’s just the getting ready and the leaving that’s not so good. So I’d better go help before I get whacked over the head…tomorrow, 6 am-4 pm (losing an hour by switching over to Mountain Standard Time), 526 miles, movies in the car, fast food lunch…here we come!

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