Some New Year thoughts

Well, we’re done with the festivities (but not the bowl games–how dumb is that?). It’s time to move forward with the year and start moving ahead.

Some of our big steps in 2010:
1. Tim has a thesis to write (well, actually to propose, get accepted, then write).
2. We have 5 months of reporting to our churches (coming soon: our calendar).
3. We are going to be working on putting a team together for work in Pueblo Nuevo.
4. Of course we will be getting ready for a road trip back down to Puebla in August.

So it looks like we’ll have plenty to fill our time until then. And of course we’ll be working a bit of fun into things, too!

We’re thankful to God for another year of life, for the potential and opportunities to serve Him in 2010. So Happy New Year! May God let you know Him better this year!

And now go get cracking on your resolutions!

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