Merry Christmas Recipe

Start with 2 Samuel 7:8-16 move on to Isaiah 9:1-7. Then add a pinch of Luke 1:26-38 and a dash of Luke 2:1-7. Then for a touch of frosting on top jump to Revelation 5:5-10. There’s quite a bit more of the recipe normally, but this is the bare-bones version.

We’re here with Miguel and Socorro traveling, showing off our beautiful neck of the woods and enjoying their company. And that’s meant not much time for new posts. Today we did our big family breakfast–usually a Christmas Eve extravaganza–and opened a few gifts. It’s a wonderful thing to be with family and friends. And it’s a wonderful world God has given us, though it bears remembering too how broken it is. For that reason Jesus came. So we look back at God’s Great Gift and look forward to the culmination of that Gift–Jesus on the throne and a restored world. That’s particularly meaningful in light of the violence back in Mexico–and of course this year we’ve had: war, disease, economic turmoil, social unrest. If 2009 doesn’t convince you that the world is broken (with the corollary that we need a Savior), well you’re world view is in disarray.

So we celebrate with joy this year, but hoping for more. May you be blessed this Christmas, but long for more, in a godly way.

And enjoy our adventures with the Rojas!

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    Lanelle Beaulieu

    Beautiful pictures! It looks like you have all been having a wonderful time. We are grateful to read about it/see pictures of it and very excited for your upcoming visit to us here at Bethany this April!

    God bless,
    Lanelle Beaulieu
    (Secretary at Bethany Bible Church, Kenmore)

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