Drew soccer win

Drew’s soccer team, the Fireballs, earned their first win of the season (in the second game), 1-0 over the Cougars. It was a hard-fought battle, with Keila (Kayla?) opportunistically scoring the only goal when two opposing players fell down. Everybody on the team played great, though, in the ever-so-objective view of this observer, Drew was the fireplug of the Fireballs, aggressively going after balls, dribbling well and playing solid defense. All the markings of a good midfielder. I’d like to think it was my backyard pep talk, telling him not to let anyone beat him to the ball, but his post-game response of “Huh?” might indicate otherwise. Anyway, fun was had by all! Jump below for the photo and video…

Go, Drew, go!

Go, Drew, go!

And the requisite video (he’s wearing #1):

If that’s not enough to scare you locals from coming out to watch, I don’t know what is!

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    Love it – great job Drew!!!

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