FBUP Day 4

We had a great week—50-60 kids, most of whom we have regular contact with (only about 25 were from our ESL camp two weeks before; many others were from school and sports with some walk-ins). Thursday we gave an invitation and somewhere from 12-30 kids responded. Eddie did a great job with his kids (12) […]

FBUP, Day 3

Well, I’m an idiot, officially. I’ve managed to lock the keys in the rental van twice in two days now. That was a lousy ending to a good day. We’ve got a locksmith scheduled for 7:30 AM. Aagh. Cars shouldn’t be made without a keypad, although I’ve never locked the keys in our car before. […]

FBUP Day 1

Just a real quick update after a long day. We did VBS today and had about 50 kids. About 30 were from the ESL camp and about 20 were walk-ups. We were pleased. The best part is that we already know most of the kids. Relationship-building is going well. Now we’re praying for the next […]

An August update

I think before the summer is over, we’ll put up a post looking back at our teams and what we and they were able to accomplish. Good things! But for now things are kind of busy. So we’ll put up another prayer letter we sent out today, about the Bethesda team and the plans for […]

Springfield, Day 4

Well, today was the last full working day of the group, Day 4 in the schools. We did 6th grade in the morning and afternoon schools today. It was a brilliant success. Students had fun and were encouraged to go after good character: truthfulness and selflessness. Teachers appreciate what we are doing–they experience daily the […]

Springfield, Days 2-3

I’m pretty wiped out, and we’ve had two non-stop days on a row, so the daily blog is going to be sorely tested. But, just to get something down, and not miss a chance to describe the good stuff the group is doing, I’ll put off bedtime a few minutes. Yesterday: we were at the […]

Springfield, Day 1

This summer we’ll do our best to keep a journal of the activities we do when missions teams are down. That may serve not only just as a record of what we’ve done, but as ideas as well. So the team from Fellowship Christian Church in Springfield, OH arrived Friday night, and has been active. […]