Misc. Happenings

In the interest of actually writing here, I thought I’d do a quick general bullet-pointed post. A lot has happened this week, with little time to write. So we’ll go with a list, just to give an idea of a not-atypical busy week! Tim, Drew and Gavin went camping this last weekend in Tlatlauquitepec, a […]

Springfield, Day 4

Well, today was the last full working day of the group, Day 4 in the schools. We did 6th grade in the morning and afternoon schools today. It was a brilliant success. Students had fun and were encouraged to go after good character: truthfulness and selflessness. Teachers appreciate what we are doing–they experience daily the […]

Springfield, Days 2-3

I’m pretty wiped out, and we’ve had two non-stop days on a row, so the daily blog is going to be sorely tested. But, just to get something down, and not miss a chance to describe the good stuff the group is doing, I’ll put off bedtime a few minutes. Yesterday: we were at the […]

Springfield, Day 1

This summer we’ll do our best to keep a journal of the activities we do when missions teams are down. That may serve not only just as a record of what we’ve done, but as ideas as well. So the team from Fellowship Christian Church in Springfield, OH arrived Friday night, and has been active. […]