Springfield, Day 4

Well, today was the last full working day of the group, Day 4 in the schools. We did 6th grade in the morning and afternoon schools today. It was a brilliant success. Students had fun and were encouraged to go after good character: truthfulness and selflessness. Teachers appreciate what we are doing–they experience daily the need for character in students’ lives. The teens in the group were able to plan and lead the sessions. We were able to be present and make ourselves known as a moral resource in the school (as opposed to a “computer” or “English” resource). And…the kids are fun, Fun, actually! I don’t think anyone can be with them and not love them. Today, at the end of the school year, the 6th graders were having friends–and us– sign their white uniform shirts. Then other kids got out notebooks and asked for autographs. So the whole team became mini-celebrities and signed autographs, while trying not to get mugged putting tattoos on the kids. We did 6 sessions today, and were at school about 7 hours. In the afternoon part of the team went back to Martha’s and finished the work from yesterday. So another productive day. Then a pizza pool party at the hotel, complete with certain devious pranks. We got home after 10:30 with happy, tired children. Tomorrow is tourism day, going downtown and to the forts.

I think working this way with values and character training at the primary school definitely holds promise for the future. Thoughts for a future post…

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