Springfield, Days 2-3

I’m pretty wiped out, and we’ve had two non-stop days on a row, so the daily blog is going to be sorely tested. But, just to get something down, and not miss a chance to describe the good stuff the group is doing, I’ll put off bedtime a few minutes.

Yesterday: we were at the HS at 8am, and did 5 hours of talks–focused on sex and making the right choices. Midway through the day the teachers hosted us at a potluck. It looks like we’re getting the chance to start some good contacts with teachers and students. In the afternoon half the group did English at the elementary and the youth center. I went–my first time at “Eddie’s place” and saw what a great job He’s done. In The evening we went to the mall, Angelopolis, for dinner and a VIP movie. One of our thoughts for groups is to shatter some stereotypes people have of Mexico. There is a good deal of well-to-do people here–it’s not all poverty. It was our anniversary and the group surprised us with some very nice photos of Drew, Gavin and Fiona, led by Eddie, the chief conspirator.

Today: about 6 hours at the elementary school doing character workshops with the 5th graders. The teens in the team designed and led the sessions, which went well. Again, this is a great chance to get to know more kids, to be known, and to discuss moral issues with teachers and students. It’s not a revival service, but it was a fantastic opportunity. After school we helped Martha Escudero, Carlos’ widow with some needs at her apartment. Then tacos staves, dessert, and another late night for the kiddos.

So go a couple of busy days. No time for much analysis; I think I’ll save that for a final post in a few days. Right now I’m beat. Tomorrow’s another full day with 6th graders.

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