FBUP Day 4

We had a great week—50-60 kids, most of whom we have regular contact with (only about 25 were from our ESL camp two weeks before; many others were from school and sports with some walk-ins). Thursday we gave an invitation and somewhere from 12-30 kids responded. Eddie did a great job with his kids (12) and there’s no doubt they “got it.” We also invited parents to have a Bible study and 13-15 responded. So we’ve got our work cut out for us. Pray for Mexican partners in this process. We need Mexican leaders from the beginning—which we’re thankful to have, but sometimes a weekly Bible study require a step up in commitment level. We have 3-4 families and some seminary students that we pray will jump into the work.

There were cops watching our work all week, as I mentioned in the prayer letter I sent out. They were listening, taking our snacks (!…which we offered), and asking questions. On Thursday night (9-12) we showed Courageous to somewhat more than 60 of them as they were resting there. Great contact. God is showing His presence here in a special way.

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