FBUP, Day 3

Well, I’m an idiot, officially. I’ve managed to lock the keys in the rental van twice in two days now. That was a lousy ending to a good day. We’ve got a locksmith scheduled for 7:30 AM. Aagh. Cars shouldn’t be made without a keypad, although I’ve never locked the keys in our car before.

But everything else has been good. We had 59 kids today, and I think everything went well. I wouldn’t say we’re a well-oiled machine, but everything has gone really well. Miguel A. gave a really good talk–a review, and the life of Jesus, culminating with his death and resurrection. A skit followed that emphasizing Christ’s substitution for us. In crafts and snacks we emphasized John 3:16, and in games, well, games were just games, but we introduced the older kids to Ultimate Beachball. At the end we had 20-30 parents listening as we reviewed and Constantine did a very effective paper trick with everyone that shows our need for Jesus. It ends with a surprising twist that elicited gasps from many people.

So tomorrow we finish up–we’re doing a final invitation & push for kids to accept God’s gift of salvation and transformation as well as offering a Bible study to families. We’ve got a painting project to finish, a trip to see a 2000-year-old pyramid, and possibly a showing of the movie Courageous to the police at the hall. And I have a 7:30 appointment with a locksmith.

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    Thanks for the updates. Who all is on the team?

  2. 2

    Stacey & Thad, Craig, Ruth & Becca, Katie, Mike Y, Constantine, Jake & Allison. They’ve been great!

  3. 3

    Neat! Except for the keys in the car. Thanks for the updates!

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