Today we played football with 8 guys.  It was a Fall-like 50 degrees this AM, there was a brisk wind blowing, and the volcanoes were just sharp and clear in the morning light.  We showed the guys how to throw the ball and catch it, then how to run a few basic routes.  Then we […]

Learning process from second graders

Today while teaching second graders their way around a keyboard, I was thinking about how God sees things.  You start teaching second graders to type by showing them where to put their fingers on the keyboard: asdf &;lj.  At least I think you do; I’m not a real typing teacher.  You tell them, “those are […]

September 2011 Prayer Letter is up

Well, of course the big news is EBM’s demise. I haven’t really had the heart to post much about the happenings (it would be the perfect thing to blog about in our day and age), or about much else, for that matter. We’ve been just trying to keep our head above water in September, not […]

Helping flooding victims

These are a few weeks old now, but here are some photos from our project to help the flooding victims here in our neighborhood:

English class is over

We finished up today. It went really well, but any lesson heavily focused on food that concludes with actual great food is always going to go well! The students conspired to bring chiles en nogada and a couple other dishes … Mmmmm. Again, Barbara-Lee was great, and the opportunities are limitless…not a groundbreaking discovery in […]

English class

One of the things we’ve wanted to take advantage of over the years is the demand for English. Even before we were “missionaries” Barbara-Lee was working on her Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which she finished after we joined EBM. Our first time in Puebla we didn’t do much with […]

Don’t drop the chalupas!

After our good meeting with the health clinic last Friday, all the attendees decided that the gringos needed an introduction to Mexican food (actually, I let it out that Eddie needed an introduction). So they decided that they would make chalupas for us. Mmmmm…chalupas…. For those who have been corrupted by Taco Bell or just […]

In Pueblo Nuevo at least our losing streaks are only about 3…

Yes, we’ve been playing soccer up at the fields for a couple weeks now, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am-12 pm. There’s a group of guys that get together to play and we’ve kind of insinuated ourselves into the mix. So we’re having fun, getting better at soccer (not saying much), and getting to know a […]


This week (after saying goodbye to Mom & Dad) we were supposed to do an English camp for the teachers at the elementary school where Tim does computer classes. However, coming into this week, we were picking up pretty clear signs that it wasn’t going to work out. First, the Education Department extended the year […]

A last chapter to the clinic

Ok, just a quick last word on things. I’ll get a longer post-mortem up later. Bueno, or not…we shut it down so as not to jeopardize the doctors and the church that was organizing things. We didn’t have enough confidence in the permission we had. But we have some great new contacts. It wasn’t a […]