Today we played football with 8 guys.  It was a Fall-like 50 degrees this AM, there was a brisk wind blowing, and the volcanoes were just sharp and clear in the morning light.  We showed the guys how to throw the ball and catch it, then how to run a few basic routes.  Then we gave way off the nice synthetic turf field (to a high school girls’ game) and went up to the basketball court.  Eventually we broke into a 4-on-4 game, with Indianapolis Colt Eddie Ferguson as our QB.  I think only two touchdowns were scored–a deep bomb on the first play and a nice little out pass to Drew that he took in for a TD–but everyone had fun, no one got hurt, and what’s so bad about a 1-1 tie?  We’ll do the next one in two weeks, and hope to get to every Saturday.  What’s cool is that a couple of moms brought their boys.  Mike Contreras, a football-coaching fiend missionary here, who’s in the States for a few months, loaned us the equipment.  Thanks, Mike!  We’re using it!

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