Soccer! ¡Futbol! Kids! ¡Niños!

From some of our comments over this site, sporadic as they made be, a reader (you!) may be able to pick up that we like teamwork, working in teams, and the concept of sharing and cooperating that teams imply. Thus frequent appeals and prayer requests for teammates. Ha! That’s just a high-level introduction to our […]

Tossing the rock

We did football again today. We only had three, well, two, not counting Drew, but they were both regulars. We’re going to go to a weekly practice to boost attendance, we hope, so that kids and their parents get into a rhythm. We need to reserve the field so we have space to run around […]


Today we played football with 8 guys.  It was a Fall-like 50 degrees this AM, there was a brisk wind blowing, and the volcanoes were just sharp and clear in the morning light.  We showed the guys how to throw the ball and catch it, then how to run a few basic routes.  Then we […]

In Pueblo Nuevo at least our losing streaks are only about 3…

Yes, we’ve been playing soccer up at the fields for a couple weeks now, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am-12 pm. There’s a group of guys that get together to play and we’ve kind of insinuated ourselves into the mix. So we’re having fun, getting better at soccer (not saying much), and getting to know a […]