Soccer! ¡Futbol! Kids! ¡Niños!

From some of our comments over this site, sporadic as they made be, a reader (you!) may be able to pick up that we like teamwork, working in teams, and the concept of sharing and cooperating that teams imply. Thus frequent appeals and prayer requests for teammates. Ha! That’s just a high-level introduction to our […]

Helping flooding victims

These are a few weeks old now, but here are some photos from our project to help the flooding victims here in our neighborhood:

English class is over

We finished up today. It went really well, but any lesson heavily focused on food that concludes with actual great food is always going to go well! The students conspired to bring chiles en nogada and a couple other dishes … Mmmmm. Again, Barbara-Lee was great, and the opportunities are limitless…not a groundbreaking discovery in […]

Don’t drop the chalupas!

After our good meeting with the health clinic last Friday, all the attendees decided that the gringos needed an introduction to Mexican food (actually, I let it out that Eddie needed an introduction). So they decided that they would make chalupas for us. Mmmmm…chalupas…. For those who have been corrupted by Taco Bell or just […]

Photo post: Veracruz

Here’s the complete set of photos from the EBM Retreat in Veracruz: EBM Retreat 2011. If you already looked at the first bunch, advance through the small slides at the bottom to #64.