Don’t drop the chalupas!

After our good meeting with the health clinic last Friday, all the attendees decided that the gringos needed an introduction to Mexican food (actually, I let it out that Eddie needed an introduction). So they decided that they would make chalupas for us. Mmmmm…chalupas…. For those who have been corrupted by Taco Bell or just don’t know, chalupas are tortillas covered in green or red salsa, a dry cheese, onions and shredded meat, then fried in lard. Horribly bad for you, and probably most of the very kind people there with us today sacrificed a year or two of life for us, but they’re soooo good (unless they’re cold). This was so typical of Mexicans, so generous and kind and eager to share their culture. So we gratefully benefitted! It also was their way of welcoming us to their team. So we are part of the community health team here now! We trust that there will be lots of opportunities for ministry that come out of this. And more good food!



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