September 2017 Prayer Email

We just sent out a very rare prayer email… Click here for a printable version. Or click here for the browser view. Thanks for praying!

October 2015 Prayer Email

4 Funerals… & a wedding. Perspective We’ve been involved with four funerals in the last 8 weeks, some very loose connections, but also a very dear friend and a friend’s son. Funerals in Mexico happen within 24-hours of death, so they become a “drop everything and react” experience. We got 1:30 am phone calls on consecutive […]

September 2015 Prayer Email

Our latest prayer letter is out! It’s got a new design, new photos. Read it here.   Here’s how it starts: August activities… Well, that didn’t take long! We jumped back into activities right away, with football camp. That went very well, averaging 45 kids, having a blast, and sharing the Gospel via the story […]

June 2015 Prayer Email

We finally wrote an email!  Here’s the link: Glessners June 2015 Prayer Email. Or, you could look at the PDF version in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Thanks for your prayers!

August 2014 Prayer Email

Here’s a link to our prayer email for August. Thank you for your prayers!

June-July prayer letters are up

We’re putting prayer letters up two months at a time! July 2013 June 2013 Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer letters

Well, we did it again, a few months go by with no posts. We’re not very prolific bloggers, are we? Even our monthly prayer letters haven’t been going up very consistently, due to a change of format. We’re using Mail Chimp to send our prayer letters, which is a big improvement over Google Groups. So, […]

Prayer letters

Well, after a very long, and busy, hiatus, we’ll be back, hopefully with a bit more consistency and content. Not that I’d hold my breath. But we’ll start with a quickie link to our latest three prayer letters, from January through March. Yes, we wrote them! No we didn’t post them. Bad missionary! March 2013 […]

August Prayer Email #2

We’ve been extra-active this month. Except for this week. We tried to do nothing at all. Except for go to the circus, a couple of parks, a bike ride, baseball practice, Valiant Brave, and a family hike. But in that we squeezed in time to write an update to last week’s VBS. Praise God, it […]

Prayer letters

We sent out a prayer letter in July (& June!) but didn’t post the link here. So here it is now!