February Prayer Letter is here

Well, time for another prayer letter! Things are heating up here, both literally (the weather warmed up about two weeks ago) and in ministry (at least with lots of activity). Here the report. Click here or read it below the jump…

January 2012 Prayer Letter

We mailed it a few days ago, and here it is: January prayer letter. If you’ve been following us, you’ll know some of this, but here it is!

November prayer letter

Well, we wrote the letter before the month was over! Happy Thanksgiving! November 2011 Prayer Letter

October 2011 Prayer Letter is here!

It’s been mailed and posted! Here is the start: October has been full of new opportunities and challenges. We continue to work in the schools. We’re excited about the work we’re doing. Eddie and Sharalyn in particular are doing a great job with English in the high school and at the elementary. There are no […]

September 2011 Prayer Letter is up

Well, of course the big news is EBM’s demise. I haven’t really had the heart to post much about the happenings (it would be the perfect thing to blog about in our day and age), or about much else, for that matter. We’ve been just trying to keep our head above water in September, not […]

Pre-vacation prayer letter

Well, we’re off to Acapulco for a week. It’s our transition from a fairly active summer to a busy fall season. It’ll be Gavin’s and Fiona’s last week of freedom and joy before they start their academic careers. It’s all downhill from here! But first, we’re sending out our prayer letter for August. It’s a […]

June/July Prayer Letter

Well, the latest prayer letter is out. We debuted GoogleGroups to send it out. One email, 30 seconds to send, vs, 650 emails, all day, one hundred at a time. We’ll see how that goes. I’m happy, though, and less time on that make Barbara-Lee happy, and THAT makes the whole family happy! Here’s the […]

March 2011 Prayer email

We wrote it in March, we sent it out later, in April, and now even later we’re getting it up on the website. But at least here it is! March 2011

February Prayer Letter

Well, how time flies. We’re moving tomorrow and don’t know how long we’ll be without Internet access at home, so we’re getting the latest one out quickly. Read it here. Thanks for your prayers!

January 2011 Prayer Letter

While it’s not nearly as cool as posting from the iPod, we did send out our prayer letter this last week. You can sign up for our prayer letters by clicking here or just read it here. We need & appreciate your prayers! Thank you!