February Prayer Letter is here

Well, time for another prayer letter! Things are heating up here, both literally (the weather warmed up about two weeks ago) and in ministry (at least with lots of activity).

Here the report. Click here or read it below the jump…

Febrero Loco

Our headline is a common saying here in Puebla—referring to the weather, but this month it could just about refer to our schedule and activities. It’s such a cliché to say that we’re busy–everybody is. Life itself is busy. Read the Little House books (Tim is reading them to Gavin & Fiona.) They were busy 120 years ago! So we’re not busy, we’ve just got a lot of good things going on.

Our work in the schools is going well. Tim has gotten encouraging feedback from previous students who are now in secondary school. We’ve started a couple English clubs, Eddie with high school students (by teacher recommendation only) and all of us with elementary students. We had 51 yesterday! We’re going to have to put a limit on the numbers. There is a lot of demand for English here. Eddie is also teaching English a couple afternoons a week at the elementary school. Work at the schools is starting to lead to other relationships. Drew was invited to play on a soccer team, so we’ve started that up again. Two weeks ago the government opened a youth center and has asked us to do workshops and other activities there. Eddie does the English club and we are recruiting believers from local churches to help. We hope to offer things like guitar and computer classes and other things.

Tim & Eddie are enjoying the English conversation time with a couple men. We simply talk in English with them. In the course of the time we’ve had numerous chances to share the Gospel. Relationships with men are far and away the most difficult to cultivate here, so we’re excited about this. Barbara-Lee and a couple of Campus Crusade workers are going to start a women’s craft time in March, also with the aim of building long-term relationships.

We’re recruiting here. We have a family from church that has expressed a desire to work here with us. The small group isn’t just exploding with energy to take initiative in ministry here, but they’ve been willing to help. Tim and Eddie are beginning a discipleship time with the seminary students. We’re excited about that possibility. Again, our prayer is that we would not be doing all the activities and ministries, but that Mexicans would catch a vision and participate and own what God is doing in Pueblo Nuevo. We see encouraging signs of this, and hope to see more.

Help Wanted

Do you have children’s books you’d like to clean out of your house? We’re trying to help a couple libraries here in the neighborhood, and children’s books in English would be great to give. Let us know if you can help

Praise1.For many open doors.2. For Eddie’s work and help here.

3. Spring is here!


1. For energy and wisdom to do the work: the English clubs, sports, teaching in the schools, youth activities.

2. For Mexican co-workers.

3. For Tim’s work on his ThM thesis. He’s coming to the end.

We covet your prayers!Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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