October 2011 Prayer Letter is here!

It’s been mailed and posted! Here is the start:

October has been full of new opportunities and challenges. We continue to work in the schools. We’re excited about the work we’re doing. Eddie and Sharalyn in particular are doing a great job with English in the high school and at the elementary. There are no big steps or interesting stories to tell about what’s going on, but in many ways that fits with our philosophy of ministry and life. God doesn’t generally work in big attention-grabbing ways. Usually he’s at work quietly, unnoticed, behind the scene. Think of what Elijah experienced on the mountain (1 Kings 19:11-13) or of Jesus’ parable of the seed (Mark 4:26-29). We’re praying for God to work through faithfulness over time.

For more, follow this link.

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    Excited to hear all that the Lord is doing and thanks for sharing your ideas as well… hope to see an Amazing race out here as well – Nathan is quiet a fan of the AR so should be nice to plan one in the neighborhood.

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    We continue to pray for you!

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