November 2010 Prayer Email

Our latest prayer letter is up and available here. Enjoy (watch out for the slide show; there are a lot of photos 😉 ). Again, thanks for your prayers and encouragement! Psalm 68:4.

September 2010 Prayer email

We’ll just put the link up with no further comment. It’s been a while, but it was summer! Thanks for checking back with us. From here on out there will be more to say, more news and we expect to be back in the posting business regularly.

June 2010 Prayer email

We have published our June 2010 prayer letter for your reading. It touches on revised plans for going back to Puebla and a silly kids picture! Thanks for reading!

May 2010 Prayer email

We have published our May 2010 prayer letter. Thanks for reading!

April 2010 prayer letter

You can get our latest prayer letter here. Thanks for reading and praying!

March 2010 Prayer Email

We just sent out our latest prayer email. To take a peek, click here. Or, you can follow the jump…

January 2010 Prayer Email

Our January 2010 prayer email is up… Thanks for reading and praying. Tim … or just see below…

November prayer letter

Coming soon to a church near you… After our time to get settled into life in Tacoma we’ve begun our church reporting and it’s been great to renew old relationships and see friends again.  These two months we’ve been in a different church each Sunday, so there’s been lots of traveling.  We’re thankful to have […]

July 2009 Prayer letter

Greetings! We’re writing from the EBM conference in southern Indiana (no, there’s no way you’ve ever heard of the actual place we are). This is just a quick email to say that we’ve had good trips so far and are thankful for our good friends Miguel & Socorro in Ohio and Barbara-Lee’s brother, Rob, and […]

June prayer letter

Here’s our prayer letter for June:
Greetings from Moscow, PA!
We made the 3000 mile trip from Puebla, to Moscow quite safely and mostly enjoyably. We’re thankful to the Lord for His gracious protection and kindness on our trip. After a week in Texas where we were able to upgrade our vehicle we continued up through some beautiful country before arriving a week later in Moscow, with Barbara-Lee’s parents. Here we’ve started work on our presentation for churches as well as some R&R and good time with family. So we’re thankful to be here. This Thursday we begin our trip to Tacoma. …