March 2010 Prayer Email

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From Boise, with love!

We’re writing from Boise, where we’re in a two-week missions conference. So far it’s been great. We’ve had clear blue skies, relatively warm weather and the one exception to that was snow. So we had fun with that.

Besides that, we’ve also been blown away by the reception here in churches. It seems that there is great potential for partnerships with people who could work with us in Pueblo Nuevo. We’re thankful for that and eager to see what God will do.

We’re now at the stage of starting to work on plans for returning to Puebla. That’s not so much packing, but rather talking to people. We’re starting to talk with Bryan and Susan Nevin, EBM missionaries near Mexico City about the possibilities of working together when they wrap up their work in their church. We also hope to begin talking with some Mexicans in Puebla who would be potential partners. And, as you can see below, we’re trying to form ideas for people here.


Help Wanted (in Pueblo Nuevo)

This month we want to highlight a more long-term need for partnership in Puebla. As we look forward to planning and running a variety of activities, one need will be to coordinate and administrate them. And, unfortunately, coordination and administration is not one of our spiritual gifts. Of course we’ll muddle along and do our best to be good stewards but it would be a tremendous asset to be able to work with someone with those gifts who shares our vision.

So are you gifted and experienced in this way? Do you have a heart for missions? Admittedly “administrator” is not an “exciting” missions title—but it will be very important to us.

And if this isn’t you, please pray for this need.

August 2006: In front of our
youth center in Pueblo Nuevo


1. For sacrificial hospitality by several of our churches.

2. For a good time with Barbara-Lee’s parents.

3. For our encouraging time in Boise.


1. For God to provide contacts and opportunities for team-building in Puebla.

2. For safety in travel.

3. Please continue to pray for the church in Puebla.

We thank God for your prayers!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

2 Responses to “March 2010 Prayer Email”

  1. 1
    jim richardson

    I love the website and the letter. Hope to see you Tim on Saturday. Pray with me about taking a team down to Mexico when you get back to P N. Stay in touch
    Pastor Jim

  2. 2

    Thanks! Great to see you on Saturday. We’ll be praying.

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