November prayer letter

Coming soon to a church near you…
After our time to get settled into life in Tacoma we’ve begun our church
reporting and it’s been great to renew old relationships and see friends
again.  These two months we’ve been in a different church each Sunday,
so there’s been lots of traveling.  We’re thankful to have almost all our churches within three hours
of Tacoma.  It’s great to be able to thank people who have prayed for
us and partnered with us.  As we were setting up our table at
the church in Moses Lake a lady walked in and asked about the photos on the
display.  It was immediately obvious she knew of the people in the
photos and had been praying for them.  What an encouragement!  One
other neat thing has been meeting several
Spanish-speaking visitors at churches.  We love the chance to speak in Spanish with people!  One
new friend is a Mexican lady recently married to a local guy who arrived here only a
month ago.  She has son Drew’s age who goes to the same school. The two
of them have hit it off pretty well and it’s been great to be able to help
her get adjusted to a new place and language.

We continue to
stay in touch with Chris and others from the church in Mexico.  We
discovered a calling plan with unlimited minutes to Mexico for the same
price as what we were paying before and are going to take advantage of that!
Things are going well in the church, with increased participation, a new
youth group meeting and lots of new visitors.  One bit of real good
news is that a young woman who walked away from the Lord this past January
has apparently repented and returned.  We’re so thankful to hear

stories of God’s grace coming from the church in Puebla.

We’re thankful for how our kids are adjusting.  Drew is doing well in
second grade and Gavin and Fiona enjoyed a good third birthday with family
and friends.  We’d also like to invite you to stay in touch with us via

A Mexican birthday celebration

A Mexican birthday celebration

our website:
We are updating it regularly with news, video links, family info, and
reflections about what we’re doing.

1. The good reports from Puebla.
2. Our contacts with Spanish-speakers here in Tacoma.
3. Opportunities to re-connect with supporting churches.
1. Pray for Christian in Puebla.  Things are going well, but there have
been some discouragements as well.  As God blesses, Satan attacks, so
please pray.
2. Pray for the young lady returning to the Lord in Puebla.  Pray that God
will protect her and preserve her in Him.
3. Pray for us as we balance family, ministry and school
responsibilities (Tim has a thesis to write at the seminary in Tacoma).

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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