September 2015 Prayer Email

Our latest prayer letter is out! It’s got a new design, new photos.

Read it here.


Here’s how it starts:
August activities…
Well, that didn’t take long! We jumped back into activities right away, with football camp. That went very well, averaging 45 kids, having a blast, and sharing the Gospel via the story of the Exodus. A special thanks to Fellowship Christian ( of Springfield, OH for their hard work and blessing to us. After that we were getting settled back home, into ministry, the life of the church here and getting ready for school. We are so thankful for our church. They weren’t sitting around waiting for the Glessners to get back! They’ve started new ministries, cared for the hurting and needy, continued teaching and discipling, and managed just fine without us! Truly, we are part of a multinational team here, not a one-man-band.

Read the whole thing…

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