October 2015 Prayer Email

4 Funerals…

& a wedding.

We’ve been involved with four funerals in the last 8 weeks, some very loose connections, but also a very dear friend and a friend’s son. Funerals in Mexico happen within 24-hours of death, so they become a “drop everything and react” experience. We got 1:30 am phone calls on consecutive nights, and Tim was also out very late with the others. This past week we lost Dr. Pedro Carrillo, who was 82 years old, and had served the Lord faithfully his whole life. Those are the best times, even though we hurt with his family and miss him, we rejoice in his life well-lived and in the hope of his being with Christ. Being around death is an exercise in perspective: am I living my life so as to finish well? “Well done, good and faithful servant” are words we long to hear.
…and joy
We’re also starting premarital counseling with a couple at church, Edgar & Andrea. They are young professionals who have been with us from the beginning of Pueblo de Esperanza. We baptized Edgar last year and it is a great joy to work with both of them. We’re so thankful for God’s work in them and their work for Him.

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