Snow in Puebla!

One of the fun things in moving back home to Puebla is finding things we haven’t had for a long time. Old toys become new! Aunt Jana gave Drew this artificial snow in 2008. After two years in storage we busted it out again! Here’s the snow fight that Drew & Gavin & Fiona had.

Prayer card is up

For those who care…we’ve put together a Fall 2010 digital prayer card. Family weddings make great prayer card photo shoots! Anyway, feel free to download the picture and print it up, as long as you pray for us!

For Drew

8 years ago, on November 29, we drove out to Lake Tapps at about 11 PM. At about 7:30 AM the next morning we drove back into Tacoma, filling up three seats instead of two! From the moment he was born, Drew has been a blessing and a joy in our lives (and then God […]

Finally, photos!

Well, we’ve uploaded photos from our trip down, at least a few. We’re going to try out Microsoft’s Live service, since we apparently have 25 GB of space to use. It would be a shame to waste it. So we’ll see how it goes here for the moment. … Here’s the album: I’m not sure […]

From Puebla!

Well, we’re back home! That’s what it felt like, as we drove over one of the last mountain passes and saw Popo and Izta in the fading sunset, and a little bit later saw Malinche. We say Psalm 121 (in Spanish) with the kids just about every night. That’s been especially meaningful as we’ve been […]

Hello, Texas

Well, the touring part of our trip is over. We’ve driven just over 3,000 miles, seen 5 national parks, camped out four nights, experienced temperatures from 100 degrees down to about 35. Now we’re with Tim’s Uncle Larry & Aunt Jayme in Dallas this morning, then driving 120 miles south to Temple for a few […]

Goodbye, Tacoma

Well, the Expedition is loaded, fueled, tuned, re-tired, and re-shocked (worthily of Mexican roads!). And the kids are in bed, and we’re winding things down. Tomorrow we head from Tacoma to Redding, bound for a weekend in the Bay Area, then eastward toward Texas. We’ll be posting our adventures, as wi-fi is available. We value […]

Summer 2010 Pictures

Well, summer is pretty much done. We’ve been posting stuff over on Facebook, but for the latest prayer letter, we put up some photos of highlight events. So here is the slideshow of the photos: Or, you can go directly to the slideshow.

Congratulations to Nate & Jana

Umm, yeah, this is a little bit late in coming, I know, but I haven’t exactly been tearing up the blogosphere with posts lately. So, to offset the rain pouring down outside (will I run or not run in the downpour? I already walked to and from picking Drew up in the rain today…and mowed […]

The next Danica…

Well, I actually really hope not, judging by what comes up when you google Danica looking for the spelling of the name… But, today at Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church, our Awana home this year, they held the annual Grand Prix and Drew, Gavin & Fiona all had entries. Our body shop and mechanical work was […]