From Puebla!

Well, we’re back home!

That’s what it felt like, as we drove over one of the last mountain passes
and saw Popo and Izta in the fading sunset, and a little bit later saw
Malinche. We say Psalm 121 (in Spanish) with the kids
just about every night. That’s been especially meaningful as we’ve been on this trip.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help
comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth”

We drove through some hills on the way up to Puebla (the hills were beautiful; the trucks were annoying), and it is
great to remember that the Lord is our help. That’s as we drove almost 12
hours today, had a couple interactions with the traffic cops, fought an
intransigent GPS, didn’t get lost in Tampico (despite all the best efforts
of the sign makers), and drove into the Carrillo’s neighborhood. It was so
great to ring their doorbell. And a few minutes later Chris came walking
in. It was great to see him and give him a big old bear hug. Drew was so
excited he ran and jumped into Chris’ arms! And then we got a great Mexican
supper, flautas and tostadas with flan for dessert. Yup, we’re back

God is so good, he protected us so graciously (as in: he didn’t owe us a
safe trip, but he gave it to us anyway) these 4550 miles from Tacoma back to

Thank you for your part in prayer, advice, hospitality, and just plain ol’
moral support.

Now for the real deal, the work of ministry in Puebla (Romero Vargas=Pueblo

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    Praise the Lord you are all in Puebla safely and that the Lord gave you a good trip! What sweet memories to have created with your children!

    We prayed for you all last night at the Monday night prayer group at Pastor Ritter’s home.

    Luke said when you have time some new pictures on your site would be nice (always have to have at least one critic). 😉

    God bless you all and we can’t wait to hear/read what the Lord is doing as you get settled and begin your ministries!

    God bless,

  2. 2

    Thanks, a belated thanks, Lanelle! We’re still juggling settling into our temporary housing, meeting with people, looking at houses in Pueblo Nuevo, hosting 7 visitors here, etc. It’s different busy from last time, but it’s busy! Tell Luke I’m finally, slowly, starting through our pictures from the trip. I had to get through about 1000 wedding photos first, and now we have about that many to go through from the trip!

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