Summer 2010 Pictures

Well, summer is pretty much done. We’ve been posting stuff over on Facebook, but for the latest prayer letter, we put up some photos of highlight events. So here is the slideshow of the photos:

Or, you can go directly to the slideshow.

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    Elise arkills

    hey Drew! Alexandra is starting to read the Three Musketeers. Lauren really misses Gavin and Fiona! happy late 8th birthday! i started to read the Harry potter books, i am on the fourth book! At recess i still play soccer. sometimes Alexandra plays and sometimes she does tire swing. how is school? i miss having you here. you are a great best friend! Joseph doesn’t play soccer anymore. How was the drive to Mexico? I think Alexandra already sent you some letters form her. She is on the 5th book of Harry Potter. There is a new movie out it is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 and part 2.I hope you are going to have a good christmas with your family!!! i hope you can write back soon! I want to hear what you are up to.

    Sincerely your Best Friend,

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