January 2010 Prayer Emailmtu0rp8mm9c3994pdya1ea8fh0kvyo8eJanuary 2010 Prayer Email">January 2010 Prayer Emailjeq9h0p1h8nihnzpju7djj9wz97blg0pJanuary 2010 Prayer Email

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Our January 2010 prayer email is up…u7p7gvi3q5f8y4gjzxu39dcu9dff7rh6 Thanks for reading and praying. Tim … or just see below…uczs1q9ahm6g6t7m55yacfr3zebb4vul (original) View Español translationOur January 2010 prayer email is up… Thanks for reading and praying. Tim … or just see below…

More Rojas Photos39oj8yvjagf7ugdg75z6k2gkh9ezmpzkMore Rojas Photos">More Rojas Photosb735k3nlpmkw1eqc1zj1w3dvk24kcm0hMore Rojas Photos

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Ok, since we’re posting prolifically, here are some more photos from our Christmas with Miguel and Socorro: Christmas Eve, Day and a trip up to Mount Rainier.hjrwyv8uxgu2t71l11sqgu5u5q8t17c2 Photo show!w57049d5zhpq0otkd5qezl5axbrdpi9l (original) View Español translationOk, since we’re posting prolifically, here are some more photos from our Christmas with Miguel and Socorro: Christmas […]

Some New Year thoughtsy2kzubz7r2cnwgrrykh1h45dt71du8d5Some New Year thoughts">Some New Year thoughts0kj876wb4a0b91upa1932fbxo6hndnclSome New Year thoughts

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well, we’re done with the festivities (but not the bowl games–how dumb is that?). It’s time to move forward with the year and start moving ahead.jtlstmzeuu1mk5gmkd0nkehjlvdlkbte Some of our big steps in 2010: 1. Tim has a thesis to write (well, actually to propose, get accepted, then write). 2. We […]

Merry Christmas Recipej2xzw0zrxa5rasunwfsno9of0n48b1v2Merry Christmas Recipe">Merry Christmas Recipesrd12batb121l50zxe4qnh0ckcwzx4q8Merry Christmas Recipe

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Start with 2 Samuel 7:8-16 move on to Isaiah 9:1-7. Then add a pinch of Luke 1:26-38 and a dash of Luke 2:1-7. Then for a touch of frosting on top jump to Revelation 5:5-10. There’s quite a bit more of the recipe normally, but this is the bare-bones version.r3dssrwk96kipf0nnl12f4vplnwc9jw9 […]


(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Este es para nuestros amigo en Puebla: ¡está nevando!orn4u4q5z2yvjhuh2ehw1mezcc8j5auj Si creen que hace frío en Puebla, lo sentimos mucho.  Esta semana en el día la temperatura ha estado entre -3 y -8…en el sol.uf9u184ymzzvyav7a2cc82ku2h0wevmb Y hoy, por fin, está nevando.  Estamos muy contentos al ver la nieve.  Es algo diferente […]

Giving thanksmnzffdnyd5349thh63tl4b3e57utzjd3Giving thanks">Giving thanksrmh2eacd6isjieg4bqumf4n9qkad0b88Giving thanks

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well what to say. We’re here in Tacoma for Thanksgiving for the first time since before Drew was born. We’re at Opa’s and Grandma’s (Glessner) house with Jana and Josh & Laura & Sophie & Uncle Ron & Aunt Ruth. Fun!u54knnt55400x5sct50uetvt32au1on7 We started off with the FBUP Turkey Trot, well, […]

Gavin’s & Fiona’s Halloween report">Gavin’s & Fiona’s Halloween report

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Here’s what they said:xir273j75lbyavjb5r041u3921nu74b3 (original) View Español translationHere’s what they said:

August 2009 Prayer emailsthnipu9pb0axsb4oxadlxt2puhm4cmcAugust 2009 Prayer email">August 2009 Prayer email1hb4uowkyk5z0xm118n2i7wdr8u3xfjsAugust 2009 Prayer email

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!wyarv7sbpuog8lfwo6dtykhtpe529wb2 Well, we made it to Tacoma safely. What a trip! We’re thankful, very thankful, for the uneventful travels and good times at our various stops. Even the two rainy thunderstormy nights in our tent weren’t too bad. They could have been way worse, and now […]

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