Sermón: ¿Qué es el Evangelio? Poder8ytu9wdgcn4kqkwb4k43xamvozvoyciwSermón: ¿Qué es el Evangelio? Poder">Sermón: ¿Qué es el Evangelio? Poder8rkcuhxlmt9tvsa8n9cdxjz2eptw9qn8Sermón: ¿Qué es el Evangelio? Poder

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: ¿Qué es el evangelio?kgsjpyabxonk834qbdblcmdxn4ld88bi Justicia por fe: Romanos 1:1-17dexdx3mu36rh1pj8h1mjp9adwulptz6w Introducción: Quiero que tomemos 5 minutos para escribir algo…todos necesitan una hojita…toma 5 minutos y escribe tu respuesta a la pregunta: ¿Qué es el Evangelio? ¿Cómo llegas a ser un cristiano? ¿Cómo recibes la salvación?  Quiero que escribas 1) según entiendas […]

Sermón: Sofonías139bbrnrcasbgaub34hcdnpnfr9byfeqSermón: Sofonías">Sermón: Sofoníaskdzsvcodmgf22i8rnbo3vejcmgojqaz0Sermón: Sofonías

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Sofoníaso974f6pf99ui6byn27cjtuowbcclq714 Refugio en la Tormentardqcretdtmy57uvrwdb62f8mmozlodq6  Introducción: ¿Cuál ha sido el mejor día de tu vida? (niños) …ahora, ¿cuál ha sido el peor día de tu vida? ¿Qué pasaría si se mezclaran?  Everest: 1996 15 personas murieron en una tormenta en el Monte Everest…¿vez que suber el Everest podría ser el […]

Prayer lettersh8irs1bex38w34wvgubxwpk3wlutiyjpPrayer letters">Prayer lettersnmgfxf0qeodisaacb9cjc57fdb3u711kPrayer letters

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well, after a very long, and busy, hiatus, we’ll be back, hopefully with a bit more consistency and content. Not that I’d hold my breath. But we’ll start with a quickie link to our latest three prayer letters, from January through March. Yes, we wrote them! No we didn’t post […]

VBS Songxer7acik1e70pyhec2o0y8xkwwzaki67VBS Song">VBS Songals0bnxi3nux8quak0kx1ag4t347gpwhVBS Song

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: A good excuse to try out a feature. While big brother Drew spent the week at Camp, Gavin and Fiona did VBS at El Camino. Here’s the final song.6kzjcpz40ij2tmqroc22gm6g21uewq4s (original) View Español translation A good excuse to try out a feature. While big brother Drew spent the week at Camp, […]

From the iPod7zcbls6230go8930tyn6bwppeamkwymtFrom the iPod">From the iPod3oenm44z7a34s2hx1fk4firsdib1b6e4From the iPod

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well, after about four months of trying, I think the WordPress iPod app finally works in its latest iteration. So now I’m sure I’ll be posting all the time, from all over the place, like yesterday while I was at Italian Coffee with Fiona on our inaugural Daddy Date. Wait, […]

September 2010 Prayer emailczsruh9ciq8k7n73z5cjtf7ao7j4e99gSeptember 2010 Prayer email">September 2010 Prayer emailngwm1m3eoqci1r34ot6i73n8gzkh0joeSeptember 2010 Prayer email

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: We’ll just put the link up with no further comment. It’s been a while, but it was summer! Thanks for checking back with us. From here on out there will be more to say, more news and we expect to be back in the posting business regularly.t8wqppevcuz6i7kg5sf6z6j844fenrc6 (original) View Español […]

Summer 2010 Picturesevl8pma9wzc84diq6chqwv0ppvz6pdjtSummer 2010 Pictures">Summer 2010 Picturesw5t7s7cvo6y083wnpj6zw4cvx2wwhqn3Summer 2010 Pictures

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well, summer is pretty much done. We’ve been posting stuff over on Facebook, but for the latest prayer letter, we put up some photos of highlight events. So here is the slideshow of the photos: qkhz5qfbljckkw4wm4nj5y7ea5xmlxh2 Or, you can go directly to the slideshow.j13tuv9ur1y0v0iwsayhh24cjeff6oug (original) View Español translationWell, summer is […]

Neanderthal newshlowtvwz2eeawec0nzcromh4b3kxmoctNeanderthal news">Neanderthal newsdaqpc6ben617x68wvxq69616rspv0vl3Neanderthal news

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: While in the seminary library yesterday I browsed a couple archaeology magazines. I think I could have been an archaeologist if the opportunity had presented itself, but God didn’t give that to me (for the moment, I always tell myself). Anway, there were two articles that caught my eye.zy0hex3pofztkh212vxsvw6kbz56bkh0 One […]

February 2010 prayer emaillvdmlhwpb1op9gc47p8n0i9dbcskyx3aFebruary 2010 prayer email">February 2010 prayer emailz2xw3sbmwtb5988ifoml4lagajg0c5c1February 2010 prayer email

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: You can read our latest prayer email here…w4o5uddyb4vvn7rprq5bqxc3dve541yr (original) View Español translationYou can read our latest prayer email here…

Burien’s good news">Burien’s good news

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: We decided to bag church reports after each visit. 1.There’s not always a lot of interesting stuff to say and 2.”Thank you” is best said personally. But we’re making an exception for our church of yesterday, formerly Burien Bible Baptist and nowrmweiygnu2pcr0w5tbks1f6b2dwoqxf7 Seattle Church of the Open Door4fbgzpciara4yftuaf324vbaeq3qzfvuSeattle Open Door […]

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