Misc. Happenings

In the interest of actually writing here, I thought I’d do a quick general bullet-pointed post. A lot has happened this week, with little time to write. So we’ll go with a list, just to give an idea of a not-atypical busy week! Tim, Drew and Gavin went camping this last weekend in Tlatlauquitepec, a […]

A birthday anniversary at school

Wednesday was the 206th anniversary of Benito Juárez’s birthday. Benito Juárez is probably the most significant political figure in Mexico’s history. I don’t need to get into a biography here (here’s Wikipedia’s or About’s). Basically he was a Zapotec Indian orphan who rose out of poverty to become the leader of the reformist movement in […]


This week (after saying goodbye to Mom & Dad) we were supposed to do an English camp for the teachers at the elementary school where Tim does computer classes. However, coming into this week, we were picking up pretty clear signs that it wasn’t going to work out. First, the Education Department extended the year […]

In praise of college guys

As mentioned last week, we have two college students with us for two weeks, Caleb and Ethan. Thet have been just great. Their first days they went to a late night Bible study, a three hour football camp under the blazing sun, new food, a strange roommate (Eddie:) and aced everything. They helped Eddie get […]

All in a day’s work

Writing on the bus again, going up to get Caleb and Ethan, BBC students who will be working with us for a few weeks. We’re excited about the things we’ve got planned: football training tomorrow, times in the school, outdoor adventure training, and…the medical outreach clinic. It’s been a whirlwind of activity. This morning Fiona […]