In praise of college guys

As mentioned last week, we have two college students with us for two weeks, Caleb and Ethan. Thet have been just great. Their first days they went to a late night Bible study, a three hour football camp under the blazing sun, new food, a strange roommate (Eddie:) and aced everything. They helped Eddie get the dividers ready on Saturday in record time. Then, yesterday they went to school with me and were just great. They don’t speak a lot of Spanish, but they use what they’ve got, learn new words, and aren’t scared to try. They jumped right into helping the second graders with their typing, showing them, talking to them, and helping them. They were a huge help!

Then, in the afternoon, they went up to play soccer at the sports fields and got invited to join a team for a game next Tuesday! (they both play for their college, BBC).

Way to go, Caleb and Ethan! It’s great to have you here!

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