A day to remember?

Why is it that on the days that are worth blogging about you’re too tired to write anything. Today was really ome of the most insane days I’ve had. Ever. Period.

It started out with just the regular busyness of getting ready for the clinic: picking up furniture, supplies, equipment. Then Ethan and I got home and there was a phone call waiting for me. It was Juan Manuel, the pastor in charge of the medical work. “They’ve closed us down,” he said. It seems every year they’re getting stricter and stricter and changing the requirements and this year they’ve changed somethig else–just paperwork, nothing to do with actual medical work. I could now write paragraphs and more, but suffice it to say we used wvery contact we have, got the new president of the area to go to bat for us, but it looks like we’re not really going to be able to do a real clinic. Instead we’ll try to explain what happened, take basic vital signs, and reschedule. That’s a real bummer, especially for those, like Hannah who came down from the US, but it’s a good reminder that God is in control and we really need to be praying a ton.

Well. That’s enough of that.

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