All in a day’s work

Writing on the bus again, going up to get Caleb and Ethan, BBC students who will be working with us for a few weeks. We’re excited about the things we’ve got planned: football training tomorrow, times in the school, outdoor adventure training, and…the medical outreach clinic. It’s been a whirlwind of activity.

This morning Fiona and I went to the elementary school to invite kids to football tomorrow, put up flyers for the medical clinic, and invite teachers to an English class in July. We’re starting to see a good relationship with the teachers and the administration. Patient relationship building is the goal.

I want to start putting up posts that describe what we’re doing, the daily work, the ups, the downs, the progress toward our goals. That’s a bit ambitious, maybe, considering that we’ll finish up with small group at around 12:30 AM, but since we can even be writing on buses, maybe we’ll get it done!

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