Another day

Well, in the interest of my newest pledge, today was pretty busy:
• American football. We had 6 kids come, which was fine. They’re all kids I’ve had in computer class, and some of them are on Drew’s soccer team. None of them had played before, so it was cool to see them all throwing prettty good spirals by the end of the day. Just another step in relationship building. A big thanks to Mike C (and his son, Matt) for his help with equipment and time and expertise. And to Caleb and Ethan. Teamwork is awesome.
• We met the doctor organizing the medical outreach and made a water run.
• Caleb, Ethan and Eddie got the PVC cut up for the partitions for doctors (again thanks to Mike: his saw).
• I spent an hour or so on correspondence for the clinic…
•…before we rushed off to get Drew from a climbing excursion, a graduation party and…
• …picking up Hannah from the airport. She’s our nurse for the clinic!

Two things from today: whew, we’re tired! And we’re thankful for teammates and partners. So much more can be done!

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    Craig Evans

    Glad that Ethan and Caleb made it safely to Puebla .Praying that it will be a profitable time there south of the border. God bless everyone there as you minister in Mexico.

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